• 2009-12-13

    Nobody's fool



    " You cant be Mick and Keith

    You cant be on drugs and in control. "




    i had a long day, for new store openning preparation and got home nearly mid-night

    My new staff and I talked about weather, he went " isnt it better than london"

    I was like" london..hmmm, yeah.." but hardly made any comment really since its like talking about an ex-boyfriend or something who used to be very close to you but now sounds a bit like stranger....

    v complicated, but ummm....London... I missed him, and always want to be with him for a long long time.




    Oh my Lara

    She is so Hot.......





    Lara stone for Vogue Paris Dec 09

    Photographed by Cédric Buchet

    Carine Roitfeld styles







  • 2009-10-16





    突然一切都回来了它涌回到bow road的一个夜晚 只是没有了大声的哭泣和跟唱 是这个没错吧请告诉我没记错



    尽管很不健康但我还是把灯都关了把音箱开到很大躺在床上重复听 没有什么比10.14现场的这首更好听了 每一次呼吸都很美

    into my arms, oh lord. it just kills.




    The weather was lovely

    The Honey was in the air

    Home made pancake by Seven

  • 2009-02-24

    Dont panic

    I just totally freak out by these twats